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Perforated or Pinpoint Silver color Venetian Blinds - Model : NB 902 Per Square foot with installation & all Accessories Price ৳140

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Faux Wood Blinds Put To The Ultimate Test

Faux Wood Blinds Put To The Ultimate Test

Premium  Perforated or Pinpoint  Silver color Venetian Blinds. Premium Perforated Silver Venetian Blinds If you’re redecorating, it’s time to pinpoint the perfect addition to your window… Our Pinpoint Black Aluminium Venetian blind! A series of tiny holes breaks up the matt black shade, allowing the light to filter for a soft, contemporary effect.

This is the blind for you if you want a modern technical look at the window. The slat is silver in colour and benefits from small perforations. 

Fully made to measure

Elegant aluminium slats

Colour matched top and bottom rails

Clear tilt wand and coordinated lift cords, located to your specification

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