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Essence Fresh Venetian Blinds AF 00-6. NB-502 - Model : 00-6. NB-502 Per Square foot with installation & all Accessories Price ৳130

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Faux Wood Blinds Put To The Ultimate Test

Faux Wood Blinds Put To The Ultimate Test

Essence Fresh color Venetian Blinds  to any room can be daunting for some, and if you’re worried about the overpowering tones, then pastels are surely the only way to go. 

100% aluminium slats

Easy care: wipe stains and dust away

Choose left or right sided controls, with clear wand

Tilt slats for delicately filtered sunshine

Fully made to measure

Elegant aluminium slats

Colour matched top and bottom rails

Clear tilt wand and coordinated lift cords, located to your specification

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